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Are we the only family in the world who wants a holder for FIVE toothbrushes?

Why are there no hogs in a hog-calling contest?

Do I smell like spit-up?

How did three months go by so fast? (Obviously too fast as this picture was taken at two months old.)


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My parents visited to meet their newest granddaughter. Both my parents. I wondered how Dad would hold up with all that attention for a whole six days, but he did beautifully.  Here is a sample of his specialty: entertaining masses of kids without ever leaving your seat! (You’ll have to imagine the actions that went along with this game, as well as the hysterical children’s laughter.)

Curlies: Grandpa!!! Play with us!

Grandpa: OK, let’s play patty cake. (Note: Paddy cake? Pat-a-cake? Patty cake? )

All: Patty cake, patty cake, Baker’s man, Bake me a cake just as fast as you can

Grandpa: Roll it and roll it, and pinch it and pinch it*, and pull it and pull it, and slap it and slap it, and spank it and spank it, and pick out all the raisins, and toss it way up high–oops it fell on the floor, and now it’s ready to eat!

*No wildlife was harmed in the playing of this game.

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Here she is! The newest Curly’s ‘do is actually more fluffy, but I’m not changing everyone’s nicknames. She smiles at everyone– really. Well, except me… for me it is more of a wide gaping maw saying “feed me.” And because I plan on being in this post-partum stupor at least two more months, I really can’t think of her nickkname yet. Or really anything much to say except: Isn’t she the cutest baby you ever saw? Yup, me too.

And to say my new favorite band is The Boy Least Likely To. Strikes close to home– nerds with a guitar and a banjo. (Their original songs are even better.)

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Good Intentions

Maybe for my 2010 resolution I should put something on this blog.

I was going to send Christmas cards (and a whole list of other “going to’s”) but I’ll blame it on being pregnant and too many plane flights with little kids. So here is the picture I took in October, planning ahead for cards in December, and then thwarting my own efficiency by never sending them.

And I’ll leave you with Q’s words. “C’mon guys, let’s go find some laughter and a snack!”

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Here they are, folks. Our brood of free-range children!

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On her way


 CurlySue went to kindergarten yesterday. She made her own lunch. She put her hair in ponytails by herself. She kissed us goodbye and had a wonderful day. And even went back again today.

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The combination of distance, children, and budget  means I miss (“am not present for” and “feel the loss of”) most extended family events. Soon I’ll see my sisters though, and I’m thinking of all I learn from them…  

My sister joked that her life improved when she stopped “hanging in” and started “hanging out!” Giving me the gift of a laugh during times when I was barely hanging… on.

My sister was told she had a gift for making things beautiful but waited until her youngest left the nest to share it with the world. Teaching me that 25 years or so is not too long to be patient.

My sister was a hatching chick in a college dance recital– the most graceful, entertaining thing I’d ever seen! Making me grateful to have a role model even if I could never live up to her.

My sister is MacGyver. Really. I saw her hang her paper program off the pew (to leave her hands free for her musical score), and I learned to never stop searching for the better way.

My sister invited me to every Christmas, birthday, and parade that I was alone for, and even seemed like she was glad I was there. And I felt loved and miraculously, not alone at all.

And my sister dyed her hair and got a henna tattoo instead of running away and joining the (real) circus when her life got overwhelming. And I knew that each sister soul is important not just for what she does, who she tends, or how much she earns, but for who she really is.

I’m a little bit of a slow learner on some things. Good thing I have lots of help.


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