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Are we the only family in the world who wants a holder for FIVE toothbrushes?

Why are there no hogs in a hog-calling contest?

Do I smell like spit-up?

How did three months go by so fast? (Obviously too fast as this picture was taken at two months old.)


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For the love of trout

Oh we love the fish hatchery. Feeding the baby fish little cups of food, watching the fishermen in the nearby stream, scaring away their lunkers, and yes, even petting the fish. What more could you ask for in a vacation spot?


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Happy May Day!

We may not have Rodeo Weekend or Pioneer Day, but we do have the neighborly celebration of May Day! Our first spring caught us unawares as little homemade May baskets with treats were left at our door. We’ve enjoyed everything from seeds to leftover Easter candy. This year I remembered early enough to actually do something with the Curlies. I’ll let you know if our May baskets actually make it intact to someone else’s door.

The garden-theme…       mayday


Or option 2… hatq    hatsue

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I have memories of my mom taking me to USU’s yearly concert series. Dance, theater, and music of all kinds. Now, my own little brood sitting through an entire concert is something I can’t even imagine. BUT, today, concert pianist  Apin Hong performed a few pieces in the  lobby of the hospital. I figured we could all sit pretty still for thirty minutes. We went. We sat. We were captivated! Yes, even CurlyNew. Mostly. The piano was amazing: Liszt, Chopin, Gershwin, and a very enthusiastic performer.

“He really does have three hands!”

“If I closed my eyes like that I would never find the notes.”

“This is some great music.”

“He has nice hair.”

I wish we’d be sitting through the entire performance tomorrow night, but maybe in a few years….

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At the end of a busy day of educational sight-seeing with the Grandparents, the Curlies’ favorite moment? Throwing sticks in the river, of course!




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“Mom! I know what that means! Spring is coming!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that cardinals don’t migrate. But when we hear them start singing in the mornings, now THAT means winter days are numbered.

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Christmas card runner up


The trouble with blogging is when there’s something interesting to post, it means you’re too busy to post. Ah the irony.

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