I know you’ve been wondering about…

the cherry picking (too little),

Picking cherries 

and saying goodbye (too many),

Baby shower

and the garden (delicious),




 And my color-coded bookshelf (you haven’t?).


 Enough to fill two months? Well, not quite. We have had a few other adventures, and are gearing up for a few more. Vive la Summer!



The combination of distance, children, and budget  means I miss (“am not present for” and “feel the loss of”) most extended family events. Soon I’ll see my sisters though, and I’m thinking of all I learn from them…  

My sister joked that her life improved when she stopped “hanging in” and started “hanging out!” Giving me the gift of a laugh during times when I was barely hanging… on.

My sister was told she had a gift for making things beautiful but waited until her youngest left the nest to share it with the world. Teaching me that 25 years or so is not too long to be patient.

My sister was a hatching chick in a college dance recital– the most graceful, entertaining thing I’d ever seen! Making me grateful to have a role model even if I could never live up to her.

My sister is MacGyver. Really. I saw her hang her paper program off the pew (to leave her hands free for her musical score), and I learned to never stop searching for the better way.

My sister invited me to every Christmas, birthday, and parade that I was alone for, and even seemed like she was glad I was there. And I felt loved and miraculously, not alone at all.

And my sister dyed her hair and got a henna tattoo instead of running away and joining the (real) circus when her life got overwhelming. And I knew that each sister soul is important not just for what she does, who she tends, or how much she earns, but for who she really is.

I’m a little bit of a slow learner on some things. Good thing I have lots of help.


No hands

“Mom,  know what I’m gonna do when I grow up? Play soccer on a REAL FIELD!”

He already has his defensive moves ready.



We planted this bush three years ago. Last summer I almost RECYCLED it, since no flowers appeared at the 2008 deadline. But lo, it lives to see another year. I’m glad it was a committee decision, and I was outvoted! I guess it just needed a little more patience (something I guess we all could use).

I’m proud of my kids. Have I mentioned that? Oh, I have? A few times? Well, once more won’t hurt then. For some reason, sometimes I look at them when they aren’t really doing anything that unusual (or doing something that will require tough love, if you know what I mean) and I just think I have the best kids in the world. Which I do. But it isn’t really politically correct to announce that.

I was called into the living room by screeching and stomping, and this is what I found. It epitomizes my intense CurlySue and my lighthearted CurlyQ. I’m glad they can still get along.


Happy May Day!

We may not have Rodeo Weekend or Pioneer Day, but we do have the neighborly celebration of May Day! Our first spring caught us unawares as little homemade May baskets with treats were left at our door. We’ve enjoyed everything from seeds to leftover Easter candy. This year I remembered early enough to actually do something with the Curlies. I’ll let you know if our May baskets actually make it intact to someone else’s door.

The garden-theme…       mayday


Or option 2… hatq    hatsue

Obviously when the children cry and beg in the morning for oatmeal, you know something is wrong. Enter Daddy-O’s creation of the “Oatmeal Sunday.” This day we were, unfortunately, out of whipped cream.breakfast